About us


During the second year of service of SMCA Kuwait, the then Managing Committee of SMCA decided to establish a very special platform for the children of members of SMCA. Thus, His Grace Archbishop Mar Joseph Powathil, during his historical visit to Kuwait inaugurated the Baladeepthi. As he wished and greeted, Baladeepthi through the last 15 years of service to the young generation, has grown as the torch bearer for the future.
The situation of Syro Malabar laymen as a migrant community was not so promising two decades back. The parents had ‘a not so good’ experience about the spiritual and personality level of their children, which they could recognize while they were back at home during the black days of invasion to Kuwait. This led the founders of SMCA to establish the first laity movement of Syro Malabairans in the gulf, which is also the parent organization of Baladeepthi.
Baladeepthi, as its name indicates is aimed at lighting a lamp for the new generation. They should grow in the light of the scriptures and they should walk along the path of their forefathers. Thus all Baladeepthi activities are designed to form the new generation in the mould of Faith, Hope and Charity.

SMCA organizes many programs under the Baladeepthi banner in order to nurture the talents of our children and to bestow responsibility and right orientation to their ecclesial call. Baladeepthi has evolved as a vital wing of Syro Malabar Cultural Association with a definite structure and well defined by-law. Children of all active SMCA members are the members of Baladeeplhi. Day to-day affairs of Baladeepthi are being taken care of by a Central Baladeepthi Committee who are elected annually from among the Baladeepthi members. The Baladeepthi Chief Coordinator from the SMCA Central Managing Committee and the SMCA ex-officials gives proper guidelines and organizational support to them. There are 4 Area Baladeepthi Committees; each area Baladeepthi Committee consists of elected Baladeepthi members of that area. They organize area wise Baiadeepthi programs under the guidelines of Baladeepthi Area Coordinator and the SMCA Area Ex-officials.
Baladeepthi, gives our children many prospects to groom them to be better persons; to serve the needy, help the poor and the downtrodden. From the Vishwasa Parisheelana Class to each and every cultural activity, Seminars on various subjects, such as Personality Development, Child-Parent Relationship etc. organized by SMCA are channelized to sharpen their skills to organize systematically.
Altogether Baladeepthi is the ideal platform to mould the citizens of tomorrow. Let’s support wholeheartedly the mission and be part of an amazing future plan for our kids!
Let them dream!
Let them soar high and
Let them conquer new territories!!